THE Chairperson of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Board of Directors, Ms Anne Makinda, has refuted claims that its nine top officials have been suspended for fraudulent use of company’s resources.
Addressing journalists in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, Ms Makinda said the officials contracts have been terminated following the current boards’ move to improve the company’s organisations structure proposed by experts.
“Implementation of the new organisation structure has led to cessation of the fund’s top officials to give room for improvements in the new system and not as claimed by reports that it relates to fraud,” noted Ms Makinda.
Ms Makinda named the Directors as Hamis Mdee (Deputy Director General), Deusdedit Rutazaa (Director of Finance, Planning and Investment), Rehani Athumani (Director of Marketing and Research), Beatus Chijumba (Director of Human Resources and Administration) and Ali Othman (Director of Information Systems.
Others include Dr Frank Lekey (Director of Medical and Technical Services), Raphael Mwamoto (Director of Operations), Constantine Makala (Chief Legal Services Manager) and Grace Lobulu (Human Resources and Administration Manager.
She pointed out that some of the officials’ contracts contained three years and have expired from last month and others will expire in the coming year, but with the operational of the new system they were bound to cease all the contracts.
The Board of Directors in collaboration with experts responsible in laying down the existing structure presented recommendations on improving the organisation of the new structure. “Already implementation has kicked off and will be carried out step by step following the hierarchy through strengthening its working systems,” said the chairperson.
Ms Makinda said the reorganisation process began with the former board of directors allowing them to carry through what had been started by them.
The board was in the process of looking for eligible people to assume the role of the nine directors as preparations for advertising the positions was ongoing. “The new system will only have in place five top most positions which will be advertised for qualified people to fill in and those who earlier held the post can re-apply,” pointed the former Speaker of the National Assembly.
Company systems can change with the requirement of time simply because company issues baring concern with change of time.
This change will give room for acquiring an efficient management system which will place the interest of the people and NHIF on the forefront. By 2020 the fund anticipates to reach 50 per cent of the growing population of the country to possess NHIF membership cards.
“We are expecting to have in place computerised systems because the current systems are semi-manual aiming to curb fraud,” she stressed. The published reports had claimed that Ms Makinda had suspended the nine top officials for failing to manage well the company’s fund causing a loss of over 3bn/-.

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