YULE mtunzi wa simulizi za kukata na shoka na mfanyabiashara maarufu hapa nchini Elvis Musiba amefariki dunia leo alfajiri.
Taarifa za kifo hicho zilizofikia Lukwangule saa saba mchana kutoka mmoja wa wapenzi wa riwaya za Musiba, Maganga feruzi, pia zimeripotiwa katika tovuti ya Subi, wavuti.
Musiba ndiye aliyeamsha mioyo ya vijana kusoma riwaya za kiswahili kwa tungo zake ndani ya vitabu vya Kufa na Kupona, Kikomo,Kikosi cha Kisasi,Njama na Hujuma.
Wavuti alisema amepokea taarifa zinazosema kuwa,Aliyekuwa Mwenyekiti wa Bodi ya Wakurugenzi wa "Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture" (TCCIA) bwana ELVIS A. MUSIBA amefariki dunia alfajiri ya leo.
Habari za mipango ya mazishi zitafuata mara tu baada ya kupatikana.
Kwa watu walioko London, mnakaribishwa kwa binti yake, Lisa Musiba, anwani ni 6 MANTON RD, ENFIELD MIDDLESEX, LONDON, EN3 6XZ


Pole kwa familia, ndugu, jamaa, marafiki na wale wote mliofikwa na msiba huu.
Roho ya Marehemu Elvis A. Musiba ipumzike pema. AMIN.

Musiba alishawahi kuwa kwenye Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,
Tanzania Private Sector Foundation,TCCIA,East Africa Business Council,Tanzania National Business Council na kuwa ndani ya bodi za Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority na ni mwanachama wa Tanzania National Business Council

Katika pitapita zangu nikakumbuka kuwa Mwaka 2004 mwandishi mmoja aliandika haya katika Arusha Times kuhusu raha na karaha ya kusoma simulizi za Tanzania na pasi shaka alimsema vyema Musiba katika vitabu vyake. Hii naiweka kwa kuwa naikubali.

Some naked blonde thoughts to book on!

By Valentine Marc Nkwame

Many years ago, before Television sets found their way here and the local youths hadn’t yet discovered Rap, people here used to entertain themselves by reading some Swahili novels, but especially the detective stories about a fictitious, local sleuth, known as, Willy Gamba.

Now, this guy called Willy Gamba, was quite a force to reckon with. The fellow was capable of slaying down an entire gang of about one thousand, fully armed, villains.

The "Licenced to Kill" Gamba, would be sent on extremely dangerous assignments, but he will tackle them with ease and throughout the whole thing, beautiful ladies throw themselves onto the "Handsome" sleuth, blubbering; "I Lurve yoou!"

Like a Total man he was supposed to be. Willy Gamba never hesitated to drag the drooling naked blondes onto his giant Hotel bed, wherever he happened to be.

In another remarkable feat, our indomitable hero would jump over a fast moving train, form a speeding car, while at the same time, holding an Indian damsel in his arms .... Holy Smoke!

Well, the Willy Gamba novels were extremely popular and copies for the books, kept flying from the shelves, making the author, a guy known as, Elvis Musiba, smile all the way to the nearest pub.

This was during the era of Cold war, before America invented the word, "Terrorists!" By then, the US’ biggest enemy, used to be something called, "Communism!" which also spawned vocabularies like; "The Iron Curtain" "The Reds" and "Banana Republic!"

Here in Africa, our biggest foes were a race of people known as, "Makaburu." At least, that was according to Mwalimu Kambarage Nyerere, who was the President of Tanzania.

The English translation of the word, "Makaburu!" Was banned by President Benjamin William Mkapa, here in Arusha two years ago, when we invited him to be the Guest of honour for the Labour’s Day fete, at Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium.

Anyway, Willy Gamba, the Super-hero used to rescue us from "Makaburu" among other deadly enemies and we loved him for that .... And we loved ourselves for loving him.

The Willy Gamba creator, Elvis Musiba managed to get away with this exaggerated character for years because guys here, had never read anything else .... And certainly not watched a lot of films either.

When finally the Television technology arrived here in the mid eighties, people suddenly realized that Willy Gamba was actually a paler imitation of the British Action Movie Character known as James Bond, whose Modus Operandi was strikingly similar: Fast cars, Fights, Explosives and of course .... Naked blondes!

The discovery killed our sleuth. After watching the thrilling series of James Bond films. Suddenly the once exciting, Willy Gamba stories, became as interesting as the World’s annual Financial report.

Whether played by; Sean Connery, Roger Moore or Tim Dalton. The James Bond character however continued to entertain people. In fact, 007 is still huge today, even after the character was recently taken over by Pierce Brosnan.

As we all know, Willy Gamba is now a forgotten hero and so are his novels, plus the entire former Swahili novels line up .... Elvis Musiba is now a Businessman.

Apparently, that is why it takes, week long campaigns and Orchestrated Reading tents, in order to encourage people to once more take a glimpse on books, reminding them that, reading isn’t exactly a bad idea and definitely a much cheaper alternative to spending a Saturday evening at that place called, "Matongee!"

Unfortunately though, after being fooled by the Willy Gamba franchise for years, nobody seems to be willing to take another chance on books .... And they are not judging the paperbacks by their covers.

Besides, the youthful population have already discovered rap. Rap, according to the ambitious youngsters, is Music.

In reality, rap is fast recitals of verses which has about ten million words each. These are normally being churned out at the verbal speed of one million words per second .... With the volume of combined Chechnyia rebels chants, from inside an under sieged, Russian school.

Their meaning may be irrelevant, but you get about 30 million words from a single rap track, complete with Bass groove, which reminds you of the September 11. Mishaps.

Mind you with Rap, you get everything: Ten million words, Deep bass music and when staged live .... Dancing semi-nude blondes.

Books fall relatively short in comparison. They just have about, ten thousand words per copy and no naked girls .... Unless of course, if you happen to posses those old, James Hadley Chase novels, that used to feature, semi -naked blondes, on their cover sleeves.

So you see. Promoting the alleged, Reading Culture here, should be a clear case of, " Mission Impossible!"

Show me any Tanzanian, who is prepared to buy a single book, at Tsh.8,000, which is also the price for two Music or Video CDs and we might publish another Willy Gamba fairy tale.

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